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  1. 851.150.005.jpg
    Ball/racket holder
    Spare part for table tennis table.
  2. 1050-1705-00.jpg
    Crank for security handle
    Spare part for table tennis table.
  3. 851.220.041.jpg
    Tie Rod Right, no 31
    Spare part for table tennis table.
  4. 851.220.051.jpg
    Tie Rod Left, no 30
    Spare part for table tennis table.
  5. 636000.jpg
    Champ Table tennis net & post
    A light weight net and post set.
  6. 612300.jpg
    Perfekt II Table Tennis Net
  7. 639500.jpg
    Premium VM Table tennis net & post
    Excellent traditional screw-on attachement system.
  8. 851.045.300.jpg
    Adjustable feet (Elite, Privat, Prestige)
    Spare part for table tennis table.
  9. 851.150.002.jpg
    Security handle
    Spare part for table tennis table.
  10. 649000.jpg
    Premium Table tennis net
    Extra net for Premium Clip and Premium VM.
  11. 1011-5019-01.jpg
    Home Mini Table tennis table
    Table tennis table with a timeless design for a smaller home.
  12. 615719.jpg
    Mini Table Tennis Net & Post
    Complete net post for our Mini table tennis tables.
  13. 615819.jpg
    Midi Table Tennis Net & Post
    Special Price 10€ Regular Price 20€
    Complete net post for our Midi table tennis tables.
  14. 718405.jpg
    All Seasons Table tennis table Grey
    Want to play table tennis both indoors and outdoors? All Seasons makes it possible.
  15. 716805.jpg
    Winner Indoor Table Tennis Table
    Practical family table for indoor use.
  16. 638000.jpg
    Master Table tennis net & post
    High-quality post set in metal.
  17. 648000.jpg
    Universal Table tennis net
    Extra nylon net.
  18. 1013-6019-01.jpg
    Create Meeting & Table Tennis Table
    A table that offers both creative meetings and active breaks.
  19. 718702.jpg
    Seasons Outdoor Table tennis table
    The table tennis table that’s designed to stand outside all year round.
  20. 719705.jpg
    Premium Compact Table Tennis Table
    An excellent competition table, with roller trolley.
  21. 719505.jpg
    Expert VM Table Tennis Table
    Expert VM is a World Class table with a 30 mm thick table top.
  22. 716905.jpg
    Winner Outdoor Table Tennis Table
    A light weight outdoor table.
  23. 716402.jpg
    Easy Up Table tennis table
    A versatile, full size table tennis table that comes preassembled.
  24. 1012-4019-01.jpg
    Home Midi Table tennis table
    A stylish table tennis table that easily blends into the modern home.

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Table tennis tables and nets – for table tennis games at home, at work or at the club

Challenge your colleagues, friends or family to a table tennis tournament! With a STIGA table tennis table at work or at home, life is never boring. Our range offers everything from indoor tables, ultra compact table tennis tables for the kitchen countertop, small table tennis tables for home games to nets, outdoor tables and ITTF-approved competition tables of the highest quality.

All our tables are highly stable. A good rule of thumb is that the thicker the table top, the better the bounce. If you're after an indoor table or a home table that you can easily move to one side, your best bet is a table with wheels or one that's easy to fold up. Our home tables also fulfil high safety standards, so that children can use them without the risk of injury.

An outdoor table should be steady and be able to withstand rain, debris and many different players since these tables are usually used in public settings such as schools and workplaces.

Table tennis nets are often included in the purchase of a table, but not always. Here you'll find a variety of nets and posts to complete your table tennis table. We have nets that are suitable for competitions, training and home games. See our full range of table tennis tables and nets here.