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  1. 715800.jpg
    Super Mini Table Tennis Table Black
    Special Price 23.50€ Regular Price 47€
    A fun table for the whole family. Net and Post included.
  2. 1013-6019-01.jpg
    Create Meeting & Table Tennis Table
    A table that offers both creative meetings and active breaks.
  3. 1011-5018-01.jpg
    Mini Black Edition Table tennis table Black
    Small, black table tennis table – a mini table in a timeless design.
  4. 1012-4018-01.jpg
    Midi Black Edition Table tennis table Black
    Medium-sized table tennis table in a stylish, black design.
  5. 1012-4019-01.jpg
    Home Midi Table tennis table
    A stylish table tennis table that easily blends into the modern home.
  6. 1011-5019-01.jpg
    Home Mini Table tennis table
    Table tennis table with a timeless design for a smaller home.

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Small table tennis tables – perfect for fast-paced matches at home

Table tennis is a fun and fast-paced leisure activity for adults and children alike, but it can be difficult to accommodate a full size table at home when space is limited. In such cases, a small table tennis table is a practical solution and a perfect alternative. Here you’ll find smaller models that include compact table tennis table tops that are placed on the kitchen countertop, and mini and midi tables.

The mini and midi tables are easy to fold up and put aside when not in use. Several of the mini and midi tables also have a stylish, timeless design that blends well into the home – so you don’t always feel you have to put it aside. See all our small table tennis tables here.