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Table tennis is a sport that brings people together, and community has always been a keyword for STIGA Sports. Therefore, we're proud to announce that we're teaming up with Ung Cancer to create a community for young, cancer-affected adults.

Ung Cancer supports young adults between the ages of 16 and 30, who have cancer or are close to someone who does. Ung Cancer is there to make sure that no one is alone in their struggle with cancer. By creating meeting places, providing personal support and rehabilitation services, and offering an arena for information and debate, Ung Cancer is present every step of the way.

Ung Cancer became involved in table tennis at the end of 2018 when the best friend of STIGA player Truls Möregårdh fell victim to cancer, prompting Truls to want to become an ambassador for the organisation. The Swedish table tennis association has also reached out and is now collaborating with Ung Cancer.

STIGA Sports therefore sees it as a natural step to be one of the main sponsors for Ung Cancer's Sweden tour. The tour is a meeting place, with community as its focal point. Together we can help make a difference for young adults with or close to someone with cancer. The tour offers lectures by members of Ung Cancer as well as lectures, music and dance performances by special guests. Visitors can enjoy refreshments, participate in competitions, become involved in the preparation of Fuck Cancer bracelets, and now also play table tennis together!

STIGA Sports is sponsoring Ung Cancer by providing table tennis tables, bats, balls and fencing for the tour. We are also part of Kraftsamlingen (the power gathering), Ung Cancer's national members' event, which brings together over 150 cancer-affected young adults so that they can meet others in a similar situation and gain strength in difficult times.

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