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  1. 8014-2081-00.jpg
    Quick lock device 145+200 Cpl
    Quick lock for Cruise 145 & Route 200
  2. 8099-0017-00.jpg
    Caged Ball Bearing 5/32 x 16
    Caged Ball Bearing for Comet 120, Track 120, Cruise 145, Route 200 & Air Scooter 12
  3. 8011-9211-01.jpg
    100 mm Wheel Set With PP-Core
    Wheel set for Trick Scooter Hood
  4. 80-7383-01.jpg
    Air Scooter 12" Kick scooter Black
    Big kick scooter for high speed and a sturdy ride. The big inflated wheels makes the Air Scooter suitable for riding on different surfaces, both wet and dry.
  5. 8011-2083-01.jpg
    Screw Set Front Wheel Hood Black
    Screw set Front Wheel for Trick Scooter Hood
  6. 8027-1252-01.jpg
    Wheel Set Assy IV IA-2094 Air Scooter 12
    Wheel Set for Air Scooter 12
  7. 8014-2083-01.jpg
    Axle Bolt Set Front Wheel 145
    Axle bolt set Front wheel for Cruise 145
  8. 8015-0006-00.jpg
    Wheel Bearing Runracer C12
    Wheel Bearing for Runracer C12
  9. 80-7361-02.jpg
    Mini Rider Go Push car Silver
    Easy-to-control push car for the littlest ones.
  10. 8014-1005-16.jpg
    Wheel 145 Assy Black Blue
    Wheel for Cruise 145
  11. 8015-0004-00.jpg
    Wheel Bolt Assy Runracer C12
    Wheel Bolt for Runrace C12
  12. 8014-2084-01.jpg
    Axle Bolt Set Rear Wheel 145
    Axle bolt set Rear wheel for Cruise 145
  13. 8011-0032-00.jpg
    Caged Ball Bearing 5/32 x 22
    Caged Ball Bearing for Trick Scooter Hood, Air Scooter 16 & Air Scooter 16 SA
  14. 80-7384-02.jpg
    Air Scooter 16" Kick scooter Silver
    Sport kick scooter with big, inflated wheels suitable for riding on different surfaces. Has handbrakes for both front and rear wheel. Convenient kick stand.
  15. 80-7435-01.jpg
    Route 200-S Kick scooter Black
    Foldable sport kick scooter with STIGA developed stability system and modern design.
  16. 80-7433-26.jpg
    Cruise 145-S Kick scooter Blue
    Foldable kick scooter for comfortable and stable riding.
  17. 80-5101-01.jpg
    Runracer C12 Balance bike Black
    Balance bike without pedals – the easiest way for your child to learn to ride a bike.
  18. 80-7401-19.jpg
    Mini Kid 3W Kick scooter Black, Green
    Toy kick scooter, easy to handle and robust construction.
  19. 80-7422-16.jpg
    Comet 120-S Kick scooter Black
    The ultimate first kick scooter for kids who want to start riding on two wheels.
  20. 8058-0003-01.jpg
    Wheel Set Assy IV HV-5104 Air Scooter 16" SA Rear wheel
    Rear wheel for Air Scooter 16 SA
  21. 8058-0002-01.jpg
    Wheel Set Assy IV HV-5104 Air Scooter 16" Front Wheel
    Front wheel for Air Scooter
  22. 8020-1045-15.jpg
    Wheel Assy Route 200 Black, Red
    Wheel for Route 200
  23. 8014-1005-07.jpg
    Wheel 145 Assy Black Pink
    Wheel for Cruise 145
  24. 8012-1004-13.jpg
    Wheel Assy Track 120 Black, Orange
    Wheel for Track 120

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STIGA kick scooters, kickbikes and balance bikes

A kick scooter or kickbike shouldn’t just be seen as a sign of spring. They work equally well in summer and autumn, and are a wonderful means of transport for older children to get to and from school and their friend’s place, instead of cycling or walking.

At STIGA Sports, you’ll find a wide range of fun kick scooters and other street vehicles in different models for children of all ages, including trick scooters, air scooters and 3-wheel scooters. And we even have models for adults, with adjustable bars, which have a rider weight limit of 100 kg.

We also have models for the littlest ones. Those who watch with curiosity as Mum, Dad or older sibling cycle or scoot around. Of course, we’ve included them too! Check out our durable balance bikes in several attractive colours – designed for eager little feet who want to be part of the fun.

If your kid isn’t entirely content with two or three wheels, we also have a variety of cool skateboards and inline skates for those who want to try other means of transport. So get the whole family moving in a fun way – with a kick scooter or kickbike with two, three or more wheels!