Building world champions since 1944

Since 1944, STIGA Table Tennis has offered table tennis products to table tennis players of all levels, both in Sweden and internationally. At the beginning, we only produced ready-made bats, but in the late 60s, we started manufacturing separate blades: authentic craftwork of the highest quality, by and for world-class players. The very first blade was called Allround Classic and is still manufactured today. It has become a classic all over the world.

All blades are manufactured onsite here in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Thus, we can keep track of the process and ensure that the blades reflect the high quality that we stand for. 

No matter your playing style or how often you play, we believe we have what you need to develop your skills as a table tennis player, and start (or continue) to show off your skills at the table tennis table. Here you'll find everything from table tennis blades, table tennis rubbers and ready-made bats to table tennis tables, clothing and shoes, balls and accessories to protect your bats. Table tennis products for professionals, clubs and friends – always with fast delivery.

In addition, you can read more about players, clubs and national teams that we cooperate with, view videos with technical tips, see exciting matches from the world elite, and find out about other things that are happening in the world of table tennis.