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  1. 79-2170-02.jpg
    EXS 2-pack Floorballs White
    Special Price 3€ Regular Price 5€
    Approved match ball. The EXS ball with dimples is more aerodynamic which gives more speed and precision when you are shooting.
  2. 8404-0002-01.jpg
    Elastic Hook Kicker 100/150
    Spare part to Kicker 100 & Kicker 150.
  3. 79-2173-02.jpg
    EXS 2-pack Floorballs Green, Orange
    Approved match ball. The EXS ball with dimples is more aerodynamic which gives more speed and precision when you are shooting.
  4. 79-2500-01.jpg
    Pro Floorball goal
    This smaller pro floorball goal is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  5. 84-2719-01.jpg
    Neo Beach Mini Size 1 Soft football
    Small soft touch ball made in neoprene. Suitable for beach games or fun to bring with you on the go.
  6. 84-2671-13.jpg
    Captain Arm Band
    Special Price 2.40€ Regular Price 4€
    Captain Arm band in nice colour. Adjustable size by Velcro.
  7. 78-1071-12.jpg
    Garden GS Badminton set
    The complete two player badminton set.
  8. 79-1003-55.jpg
    Rookie 55 Star Floorball set
    Floorball set with 2 sticks and 1 ball included.
  9. 77-4722-03.jpg
    Tennis Ball Advance
    Classic tennis ball with a strong outer layer. Excellent for training on all surfaces.
  10. 77-4720-01.jpg
    Soft Ball Active 90
    Special Price 6€ Regular Price 10€
    Soft tennis ball made in polyurethane which gives extra high bounce. Ideal for mini tennis play.
  11. 84-2633-03.jpg
    Match L Football goal
    Large easy set up goal, perfect for leisure play.
  12. 84-2620-13.jpg
    Kicker 100 Rebounder
    Stable rebounder with main frame steel tubes in diameter 25 mm and support tubes in diameter 22 mm. All weather PE net attached by elastic cords. Metal stakes included.
  13. 8402-0001-01.jpg
    Net Goal Scorer
    Net for Goal Scorer
  14. 77-4421-16.jpg
    Allround Beach Tennis Set
    Tennis set perfect for the beach with two rackets, one foam ball and a carry bag.
  15. 84-2621-13.jpg
    Kicker 150 Rebounder
    Stable rebounder perfect for football and other ball sports, for practice on your own or together with friends.
  16. 84-2632-03.jpg
    Match Football goal
    Easy set up goal, perfect for leisure play.
  17. 8404-0001-01.jpg
    Rebounder Net Kicker 100
    Rebounder Net for Kicker 100
  18. 84-2674-01.jpg
    Kick Trainer
    Special Price 6€ Regular Price 10€
    Improve your football kicking skills with this very fun football lightweight training device.
  19. 84-2663-04.jpg
    Marking Cone 4-pack
    Special Price 4.80€ Regular Price 8€
    Perfect for home training purpose. Use it for marks or to set up a play area.
  20. 79-2500-03.jpg
    Street Floorball goal
    Big floorballgoal for floorball, street hockey or other games.
  21. 77-4505-21.jpg
    Minitennis Set
    Tennis set including 2 rackets, a soft ball and a net with posts. Perfect all-round tennis set for playing outdoors or indoors.
  22. 79-2506-01.jpg
    Court Floorball goal Black
    Floorball goal that's pre-assembled for easy playing.
  23. 77-4620-21.jpg
    Tech 21 Tennis Set
    Tennis set for the juniors.
  24. 79-2170-24.jpg
    EXS 24-pack Floorballs White

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Ball games for a more active and fun leisure time

Leisure time filled with movement and laughter should be part of everyone’s life regardless of age. Enter ball games! Sometimes, a ball or floorball stick is all that’s needed to get even the most sedentary of people moving! So put the mobile aside and opt for a more active leisure time instead.

Why not enjoy a game of football or floorball with family or friends on a weekday evening? Or take a football or volleyball with you to the beach or park? Challenge your sibling to a game or why not arrange a pentathlon combining different ball games?

We offer a wide range of football, floorball, basketball, tennis and badminton products that you and your family can enjoy together. In addition to balls and rackets, you’ll find complete badminton sets for the garden, football and floorball goals as well as basketball stands for the driveway and basketball backboards for the wall.

See our full range of ball game products here, and encourage the whole family to a more active leisure time regardless of which sport you and your child prefer!