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  1. 84-2719-01.jpg
    Neo Beach Mini Size 1 Soft football
    Small soft touch ball made in neoprene. Suitable for beach games or fun to bring with you on the go.
  2. 84-2671-13.jpg
    Captain Arm Band
    Special Price 2.40€ Regular Price 4€
    Captain Arm band in nice colour. Adjustable size by Velcro.
  3. 84-2633-03.jpg
    Match L Football goal
    Large easy set up goal, perfect for leisure play.
  4. 84-2620-13.jpg
    Kicker 100 Rebounder
    Stable rebounder with main frame steel tubes in diameter 25 mm and support tubes in diameter 22 mm. All weather PE net attached by elastic cords. Metal stakes included.
  5. 84-2621-13.jpg
    Kicker 150 Rebounder
    Stable rebounder perfect for football and other ball sports, for practice on your own or together with friends.
  6. 84-2632-03.jpg
    Match Football goal
    Easy set up goal, perfect for leisure play.
  7. 84-2674-01.jpg
    Kick Trainer
    Special Price 6€ Regular Price 10€
    Improve your football kicking skills with this very fun football lightweight training device.
  8. 84-2663-04.jpg
    Marking Cone 4-pack
    Special Price 4.80€ Regular Price 8€
    Perfect for home training purpose. Use it for marks or to set up a play area.
  9. 84-2725-05.jpg
    Star Size 5 Football Black Orange
    All weather football with soft touch in official size & weight. Suitable for practice and leisure play.
  10. 84-2719-05.jpg
    World Champ football Size 5 Football Blue, Yellow
    Let everyone join in with this soft football ball in neopren.
  11. 84-2724-04.jpg
    Thunder Size 4 Football Green
    All weather football with soft touch in official size & weight. Suitable for practice and leisure play.
  12. 02399331-31f9-44d7-b299-0ec157e5880e.jpg
    Cup Goalkeeper Gloves Black
    9€ 15€
    Comfortable goalkeeper gloves with a good, soft grip.
  13. 84-2661-01.jpg
    Ball Pump
    Perfect ball pump to fill your footballs with air.
  14. 84-2670-01.jpg
    Referee Whistle
    Special Price 2.40€ Regular Price 4€
    Plastic whistle with neck lanyard.
  15. 84-2635-13.jpg
    Scorer Football goal
    Stable football goal for the garden with durable PE net.
  16. 84-2722-05.jpg
    Street football Size 5 Football
    Express your creativity on the street. Durable rubber football for all surfaces but most suitable on the streets.
  17. 84-2667-01.jpg
    Ball Net
    Ball bag for 10-12 footballs.
  18. 84-2672-00.jpg
    Referee Cards
    Red and yellow referee card.

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STIGA football goals and footballs for kids and recreational use

Sometimes, the only thing you need is a football. Football is the world’s most popular sport; an activity that unites people and encourages both children and adults to get moving and to socialise. STIGA football goals are available in several different sizes, from simpler, smaller goals that you can take with you to the beach or park, to larger goals that are ideal for the garden or yard.

Our footballs are also available in different sizes (1 to 5) and models. We also offer goalkeeper gloves, cones, captain armbands, ball pumps and other items necessary for training or matches. Invite family, friends or neighbours to a game of football! The perfect way to a more active and interactive lifestyle – that’s fun!

Of course, you can also train on your own and get to grips with various techniques. Practice kicks, dribbling between cones, stepovers, rainbows or bicicletas because with a football, the possibilities are endless. It’s you who sets the limits. A rebounder can become your faithful training companion.

A rebounder is a training tool that passes the ball back to you. Ideal for practicing and improving your passing techniques. The ideal gift for all football fans regardless of age. Our rebounders are available in two different sizes. See all STIGA football goals for kids and recreational use, footballs and other football products here.